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Civil Engineers take note, the 2011 budget proposes large cuts in necessary infrastructure improvements throughout the country.



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Next week, a group of graduate students will be representing UConn at the CNU Transportation Summit in Portland, OR. The focus of this meeting will be on the role of connected, multi-modal street networks in transportation and neighborhood design.

cnu transportation summit

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) has been playing an important role in the development of Context Sensitive Solutions for transportation design and in guiding Federal transportation policy.

For more information on the meeting, see the preview at Streetsblog or visit the official web page (note the presentation on latest research by former PhD student, Wes Marshall, with Prof. Norman Garrick).

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Blueprint America
On May 20, PBS aired the original mini-documentary, Blueprint America: Road to the Future. That full video is now available online.

The video goes to three very different American cities – Denver, New York and Portland, and their surrounding suburbs – to look at each as a microcosm of the challenges and possibilities the country faces as citizens, local and federal officials, and planners struggle to manage a growing America with innovative transportation and sustainable land use policies.

Like the work I’m currently doing, this documentary shows how infrastructure and policy decisions can influence the built environment over time.

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Transportation for American recently released it’s campaign plan for the 2009 Transportation Bill.  It is very interesting, giving background on the current problems, possible solutions and explains that our current situation allows us a unique opportunity to have a new beginning.  The post on streetsblog is included and a link to the pdf of the campaign plan can be seen as well.




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