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Students in transportation materials research were on-site last week setting up a field experiment to test the effects of different tack coat rates on pavement interface strength. Seen in this photo, students are collecting mix from the back of the paving machine prior to the surface course being placed onto their test sections.

Students sample mix at the coventry salt shed

Using the new Connecticut Advanced Shear Tester (CAST) fixture developed by Dr. Adam Zofka and his students, the researchers will test six cores from each of the three sections they laid out with the help of the Tilcon CT Inc. Paving crew.


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Jingcheng and I with our 'Great-grand' Advisor, Dr. Anderson

I recently traveled to Madison, Wisconsin for the International Workshop on Asphalt Binders and Mastics. It was hosted at the University of Wisconsin, Madison by Prof. Hussain Bahia and his team in the Modified Asphalt Research Center (MARC). The University of Wisconsin is in downtown Madison- just several blocks from the Capital building.

Presentations ranged from new developments in modeling asphalt binder failure to overviews of complexity of asphalt modification. Presentation and discussion lasted for 2 full days, with a limitless supply of coffee and heated debates- the conference was a great experience. A by-product of the conference being in Madison was that we were able to see a lot of concrete pavement reconstruction which we don’t have in New England.

The city of Madison itself was a great place to explore- the large university (~42,000 students) had up-to-date infrastructure and lots of it. The 5-story engineering building was larger than any building I’d seen on the UConn campus. UW had high scooter and bicycle ridership and walkable downtown streets shut off from automobile traffic right near by.

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