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TRB Plans

travel options for trb

For those who may have been out of the office this week, or prefer to look at things on a computer, here is the updated TRB table we are preparing for group travel down to washington DC.

If you are completely out of the loop 😉 TRB will be starting on Sunday January 23, 1011 and goes through Thursday January 27, 2011.

Members will be traveling by plane, train and personal vehicle. Most people share hotel rooms to reduce costs. Feel free to travel and stay however you please- we are simply providing this as a means of organization for those looking to “bunk-up”


-Com Ops


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Do you suck at selling your self to an interviewer as much as we do?

Brian Schwarz  will be offering his expertise to  UConn ITE members and other engineering students (ITE get 10% off 😉 )By conducting one-on-one interviews infront of an audience of peers. After each interview, Brian will give a post-game analysis of the responses and offer suggestions and tips.

The event will take place Monday, November 15th 2010: in Castleman 306.

please RSVP to uconnite@gmail.com

Brian Schwarz earned his B.A. in psychology from Temple and an M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education at  the University of Pennsylvania.

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The local outlook

What do you think: vote here


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For those of you who missed last week’s meeting or just learned about us, but are interested in what we do as an organization- take a look at the power point from our introductory meeting (10/11/2010)  uconn_ite_intro_ppt



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ITE Member Meeting 10/11

Monday October 11th at 12:00, UConn ITE will be having a full-member meeting, open to any and all interested in transportation engineering.

Please stop in for free snacks, discussion and information about the organization.

Click the following link for more information: uconn_ite_meeting

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